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Adorable Hello Kitty Party Ideas

Hello Kitty Party Ideas

Hello Kitty has been around for decades, and little kids still love her just as much as they did back in the 70s and 80s. I was obsessed with Hello Kitty when I was little, so when my daughter fell in love with her too I couldn’t wait to throw her a themed party. I wanted to do something a little different so I went further with the theme and made it tea party. The kids loved it and it was a really fun theme to pull together. Read on for my party details, and I’ll also add some more Hello Kitty Party ideas to give you some inspiration.

Get This Party Started

I like to start thinking about my party theme about one to two months before the party date. Invitations should go out about three weeks before the party and ask for an RSVP two weeks before. If you’re already decided on a Hello Kitty theme you can take it a bit further like I did with the tea party.

Some other ideas include: ice cream social, slumber party, park play date, or really you can tie Hello Kitty in with any type of party you want. I find tying a decoration theme into a more active theme can help you decide what types of activities to plan.

Hello Kitty Party Ideas


Once I have a party theme in mind my next step is to choose a color scheme. With a Hello Kitty party the obvious choice is pink, but you can go with red, blue, or any colors you want to. If you stick with pink you will probably have an easier time finding coordinating party supplies if you want them covered in Hello Kitty, but it’s your party and if your child’s favorite color is yellow, go with it. You could have a yellow and pink Hello Kitty lemonade stand!

Now that my color is chosen, I start looking for party supplies that go with my color scheme and party theme. If you’re planning on doing any paper crafting such as banners, garland, or invitations, I like to get packs of coordinating scrap booking paper. All the paper in the packs match in some way, and they usually have a combination of solid colors and stylish patterns.

At this point your party ideas are probably really coming together and you can start thinking about decorations!

Hello Kitty Party Ideas

Darling Decorations

Once your color scheme is chosen it’s time to pick out some decorations. You can just add a few simple balloons, or you can really go to town. For my Hello Kitty tea party I chose to add helium balloons of varying heights around the dessert table and party table. This helps to define your space and adds a pop of color.

Banners or garland are also a simple way to add some color to your party space. If you’re into paper crafting here is where you can use those scrapbook paper packs I mentioned earlier. Making banners and other garland can be as simple or as complicated as you want. You can also buy premade banners or custom-made if you want to put your child’s name on it.

I often like to hang paper lanterns, fans, or pom poms from the ceiling above the party table. This creates a charming visual and lets you easily add more color to your party space. You don’t have to go all out with party decorations and line the walls with paper or anything, just go with your color scheme and choose some bold decorations and you’re going to go.

Hello Desserts

A Hello Kitty dessert table is super fun and easy to style. Just stick with your colors and choose foods that work with that! I made decorated sugar cookies for daughter’s birthday, they looked great, the kids loved them, and they were surprisingly easy to make! I am by no means a professional cookie decorator, but in an upcoming post I’ll be sharing some easy and impressive decorating techniques, plus my favorite sugar cookie recipe which I get raves about.

Hello Kitty Dessert Table

Another easy dessert table addition are marshmallow pops. These are easy to color coordinate since you can use sprinkles in any color. Marshmallow pops are as easy as sticking marshmallow on a stick, dipping it in chocolate or candy melts, and then in sprinkles. They look adorable and kids love them, I rarely have any leftovers of these.

You don’t have to go overboard with the treats and snacks, and what you serve should largely depend on what time the party is at. If you’re party runs over lunch or dinner you probably want to serve more substantial food. This can be as simple as pizza, hot dogs or hamburgers. If your party is mid-afternoon a dessert table with a few savory and healthy options will do. For my Hello Kitty tea party I made up some simple tea sandwiches alongside treats and cake.

I try to really dress up my dessert tables. It makes for an impressive display and your guests both big and small guests will love to see what you’ve prepared for them.

Games and Activities

The reason I chose a tea party to go with the Hello Kitty theme was to easily tie in an activity to keep the kids busy. I brought out our ceramic play tea set and served the kids hot chocolate. They loved sitting at a bedecked table with flowers, fancy cups, and their stuffed Hello Kitties I had placed at each table setting for a party favor. I like to tie in themes with more activitiy-related birthday parties, it gives the kids plenty to do.

We also played pin the bow on Hello Kitty. This classic game can be changed to suit any theme. Just get a poster board, someone who can draw (my husband’s job at our house), and choose any theme-related picture you like. The kids love this game and you can give out little prizes to each of them if you like.


We also did face-painting for the kids, they could get a Hello Kitty face with a bow, or anything else they wanted. You can hire someone to do this if, especially if you have a lot of guests coming. In our case it was a very small party and my Mom served as our face-painter (thanks Mom!).

I also like to set up crafts for the kids. Even simple themed coloring sheets is a great activity. If you are doing crafts I would suggest staying away from anything that requires glue or paint. Unless you’re hosting a long party it’s unlikely these crafts will be completely dry in time for guests to take them home. No one likes to be handed a sticky craft when they’re picking up their kids from a party.


Ready to Party

I hope you enjoyed my Hello Kitty party article and you were able to get some helpful ideas. You can make your parties as elaborate or as simple as you want, just do whatever makes you happy. Party planning should be a fun and enjoyable experience. Ask your child for her input, and see where a little inspiration can take you.

If you have any questions or comments please leave a comment below, I would love to help!

6 thoughts on “Adorable Hello Kitty Party Ideas

  1. I am a big fan of hello kitty and I only recently found out that is was created in asia which is strange, I thought it was in america. Anyway that cake looks really tsty, fancy emailing me a slice;).

    Them cookies look really tasty too, if I have a daughter at any point in the future, i would be coming back to this webpage.

  2. This is a great party idea for the little girl! I love the marshmallow pops and the cookies. I am going to bookmark your site, and look around for more ideas! I am always wanting to make a party special for the kids, and this is quite special. It also looks fairly easy…other than the treats 🙂 I am not very artistic, so I like your ideas!

    1. Thanks!!  Some of the treats are pretty labor intensive, but I promise anyone can do it! The marshmallow pops are so easy and the kids go nuts for them.

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