DIY Glittery Pine Cone Pineapple Christmas Ornament

Pine cone pineapple Christmas ornament

In honor of our latest pineapple express I decided to make an adorable pine cone pineapple Christmas ornament for our tree. Don’t know what a pineapple express is? Consider yourself lucky! It’s an absurd amount of rain in a short period of time, along with unseasonably warm weather. They’re commonplace around here, and even though I tire of the rain, the thought of pineapples makes me think of warm sunny tropical places. So if you want to bring the tropics to your holiday festivities, check out how easy these cute little ornaments are to make!



You don’t need any special crafting supplies for these cute little ornaments. Well, some people may consider a glue gun something that you wouldn’t normally have lying around the house, but trust me, once you realize the power of all the things you can make and fix with a cheap glue gun you’ll be using it all the time.


pinecone pineapple ornament

So here is your supply list:

  • pine cones (you can forage for these yourself, or if you’re always looking for shortcuts like I am just buy them at a craft or dollar store)
  • green paper (I used card stock, it’s sturdier than regular paper)
  • sharp scissors
  • yellow acrylic paint
  • glitter paint (this is way easier and less messy than sprinkling glitter or doing any dipping into a bowl of glitter)
  • craft paint brush
  • glue gun and extra glue sticks
  • string for hanging (I used red and white baker’s twine)


The Process

Before we start you may be wondering if this is a good craft for kids. I would say older kids sure, but you may want to handle the glue gun. Acrylic paint isn’t washable so if you’ve got little ones (like I do) who want their own pine cone to paint you may want to choose a washable non-toxic pain for them.

These are super easy to make, you just need to factor in some time for the paint to dry. The first step is painting the pine cones. To get a more solid yellow you may need to do more than one coat, but if you’re going for the rustic tropical look one coat is fine.

Pineapple pinecone ornament

Let the yellow paint dry completely before doing a coat of glitter. I used gold glitter, but you could use pink or silver glitter as well. As I mentioned before using glitter paint is so much easier than using lose glitter. However, if you want a lot of glitter coverage you will need to do a few coats.


pineapple pinecone ornaments

Once your pine cone is painted, glittered and dry, it’s time to add the leaves. I cut these out of card stock, just make sure they taper at the top. Make them different lengths and widths. To make them curl slightly simply pull it tightly between a pencil and your thumb like you would with plastic ribbon.


pinecone pineapple


pineapple pincone

Using your glue gun, put a line of glue on the bottom of each leaf and stick it to the top area of the pine cone. I started with the longer leaves on the outside and shorter ones at the very top. Add as many leaves as you like.

Pinecone pineapples

Now all you have to do is attach a string around one of the pine cone scales so you can hang your ornament and you’re done! Super easy and super cute!


pinecone pineapple


pineapple pinecones

I love the idea of homemade non-traditional Christmas ornaments and these pineapple pine cones remind me of warmer days and sunnier places. I hope you enjoyed my tutorial and if you have any questions, comments, or would like to share your favorite DIY Christmas ornament please do so below!


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