DIY Glittery Vintage Car Christmas Ornaments

Vintage Car Christmas Ornaments

Have I mentioned how much I love bottle brush trees this year? Everywhere we go any Christmas displays or ornaments using these cute whimsical little trees totally catches my eye. I especially love those darling little vintage car Christmas ornaments that seems to be popping up in all the shops. I thought how easy would these be to make? The answer is pretty easy, and you can customize your cars with whatever color paints you like. I chose glitter of course.



The most difficult of these supplies to procure was the cars. I wanted a light-weight toy car that I would be able to hang on the tree. I hunted around in quite a few box stores and dollar stores before I found a cheap pack of plastic cars at a local dollar store, meant for kid’s birthday favors.

Here is all you need:

  • plastic toy cars
  • acrylic paint in whatever colors you choose
  • craft paint brushes
  • small bottle brush trees
  • twine
  • glue gun and glue sticks


The Deets

These are so simple to make, just factor in drying time for your paint. The first step is painting your cars. If you can, choose a paint color that is similar to the original color of the car. This will make paint coverage a bit quicker and you might be able to skip a coat.



To get my cars completely covered I needed three to four coats of the paint. I was a bit impatient and didn’t quite let each coat dry before adding the next one, but if you’re gentle with your brush it’s fine. Also don’t worry if you’re using glitter paint and your car looks a bit splotchy when wet. Once it dries it will look fabulous.

Once your cars are dry you’re almost done! I told you this was an easy craft. All you need to do is attach your bottle brush tree to your car. If you tree has a base you can cut it off using wire snippers or simple craft scissors should do.



To attach the tree to your car I suggest first hot gluing it to the top. It makes it much easier to tie on the twine. You can actually just  leave it like this, but I like the look of the twine wrapped around the car, so add that if you like. Baker’s twine would look great for this as well. If you want to hang it on your tree add a loop of the twine somewhere on the top.



Done and done! Super easy right? Ready to hang in your tree or use in a creative Christmas vignette.



If you have any questions, comments, or would like to share your own DIY Christmas ornaments please do so below!


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