DIY – How to Make Tissue Paper Tassel Garland

make tissue paper tassel garland

Tissue paper tassel garland is trending right now and has been for some time. It can be used for any style of party and for just about any type of decor. I’ve seen it on dessert tables, used for backdrops, hung from the ceiling, and tied to balloon strings. Tassel garland can be as thin or as thick as you like. I wanted a tassel garland for my daughter’s recent birthday party. The color scheme was pink and gold and I wanted it to hang on the front of the dessert table. I found a pre made one at Michaels for $17. Seriously? I was short on time but decided to make it myself anyways. So if you want this trendy party accessory for your next bash, check out my DIY on how to make tissue paper tassel garland for yourself.



Tissue paper tassel garland doesn’t require any special crafting tools which makes it a fairly easy craft that anyone can do. And it makes it inexpensive! All you need is tissue paper in whatever colors you are using, sharp scissors, and string or ribbon to put it all together. I used bakers twine, but any string will do.


tassel garland supplies

You can use as many different colors of tissue paper as you like. The banner I did was for a pink and gold party so I choose to alternate those colors. You can do any combination.


The Process

Now let’s get down to business. The first thing you want to do is unfold your tissue paper so that the center crease is in the middle as pictured below. How many strips you cut will depend on how thick you want each tassel on your garland to be. My tassels were very thick so I cut to each fold. If you want them thinner you could just do half of that. Don’t get frustrated if your strips tear a bit, tissue paper is very delicate and a bit of tearing is par for the course.


Tassel garland DIY


Cut thin strips towards the center crease. Don’t worry about these being perfect, the more strips each tassel has the less you’ll notice imperfections. And the more strips you cut the more the tissue paper moves around while you’re cutting, so it’s pretty hard to keep it completely even. There are actually craft tools that can cut fringe for you, but they’re quite expensive so unless you plan on making a lot of tassel banners or other crafts with fringe I would just stick with scissors. I’m not even sure these types of tools would work that well in tissue paper since its so delicate. Make sure your scissors are sharp though or you’ll end up with a lot of ripped tissue paper. No matter what don’t stress though, once the tassels are rolled and folded you won’t notice.


DIY Tassel garland


Be sure to leave a section at the top directly under the crease. This will be where you roll and twist the tassel together and thread through the string or ribbon. If you cut the two sides too closely together and the tissue paper tears a bit you may end up losing tassels. Not a big deal if you have a thick one as pictured but if you’re doing smaller tassels it might be more noticeable.


DIY tassel garland


Once you have as many strips cut as you want cut the final one completely through the crease to separate it from the rest of the tissue paper pack. Now you roll the tissue paper from one end along the crease where you haven’t cut. Roll it together somewhat loosely you’ll need to be able to twist the center and if it’s too tight it will be difficult. Once you have it rolled pick it up and twist the center section and fold it in half in the middle.


The thicker your tassel the harder this will be to do. Mine were very thick so they were harder to fold. You can always tie a small piece of string around the top part to keep it folded together. Just make sure you leave a hole large enough so that you can tread your string or ribbon through. If you are hanging your tassel garland and you want each tassel to stay put you’ll need to tie each tassel onto your string or garland. Continue doing this for as many tassels as you want to add to your garland.


How to make tassel garland



Once you’ve got all your tassels and your garland is all set up, it’s time to display it! A common use for tassel garland is on the front of tables, such as dessert or other display tables. If you’ve got a thick tassel garland like mine they are actually pretty heavy and much harder to attach then bunting-type banners which are often only a few pieces of light paper. We tied the bakers twine I used for the garland onto two safety pins and then pinned those to either side of the tablecloth. This worked well and the pins weren’t noticeable at all.


If you’re hanging your garland on the wall and don’t want to put any push pins in your wall you may want to ensure the tassels are thinner. The garland won’t be as heavy and you can probably tape it up to the wall, even with Scotch tape. There is no way my garland would have stayed taped to the wall unless I used masking tape or other heavy-duty tape which I didn’t want to do.


Tassel garland

Tassel garlands are super trendy right now for all types of parties. You can choose any colors you want as long as you can find the tissue paper for it. You can also use Mylar paper which adds some shine to your garland.
Do whatever looks good to you!


I hope you found my tassel garland tutorial easy to follow and helpful. If you have any comments, questions, or would like to share your own advice on hanging garlands, please feel free to leave a comment below!


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