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A Glam Pink Gold Birthday Party

Pink Gold Birthday Party

There is nothing better than a glamorous pink gold birthday party (in my opinion anyways!). My youngest daughter’s last three birthdays have all been pink and gold. This year she turned three, and has her own ideas of what kind of birthday she wants. After our trip to Disneyland this Fall it was no surprise she wanted a Minnie Mouse Party. No problem, but I had to put my own stamp on the party, and with so much pink and gold out there right now I couldn’t resist. Just. One. More. Time.



I often don’t send out paper invitations for my own parties anymore. Most of the people we invite are friends of ours so it’s just as easy to send them an Evite. However, my little one got it in her head that she wanted to hand deliver her party invitations. There is no point in arguing.

There are lots of super cute printable invitations that you can order, but I wanted to do something really simple. I bought blank cards from a craft store and then simply cut out circles on glittery gold card stock for a Minnie silhouette. Well, I left off her bow so I guess technically it was a Mickey silhouette but I wanted to go for simplicity.


Pink gold Minnie Invitations


I hot glued the circles onto the center of the card and wrote the party details by hand inside. Simple, effective, and so fast to make. Who isn’t dazzled by a glittery invitation?


The Decorations

I wanted to focus most of my attention on the dessert table and photo booth backdrop so I tried to keep things pretty minimal in terms of decorations. I made a pink gold birthday banner for my girl and hung it up in the main party area. I love banners for any and all occasions, and I’ve done up a tutorial which you can find here if you would like to make your own.


Pink gold banner


I made these Minnie (ok Mickey) silhouette hanging decorations which I taped up to the ceiling. They were very easy to make albeit time-consuming. If you have a die-cut machine and have a template for a mickey head this will make your life way easier. I used a cookie cutter to trace out all the heads and then cut them out. Well, my husband did most of this, bless his heart, best party assistant a girl could ask for.


Pink gold Minnie decorations


Once you have all the silhouettes cut out just glue them back-to-back onto a string, I used bakers’ twine, but you could also use ribbon. If you’re putting these on the wall you can skip double siding it. I used paper scraps from my banner so that all the party decorations matched.


I also made Minnie and Mickey ears for each of the kids, using The Suburban Mom’s tutorial. I won’t lie these are quite a bit of work, and most of the kids didn’t even wear theirs (including the birthday girl). The kids took their ears home so hopefully they’re get some play use out of them, but don’t be heartbroken if you do these and the little party guests don’t seem too impressed. Kids are fickle right?


The Photobooth

Oh I love me a photo booth. We did one for our New Years party last year and for this occasion I wanted to do a more elaborate backdrop.
All you need is streamers. Just tape the streamer to the ceiling, drop the roll to the floor, cut and tape at your baseboards. Super easy, looks great, just time-consuming. This was another job for my husband. I then taped gold mickey silhouettes randomly on the streamers and added these super cute star banners I found at Target.


Minnie Photobooth


You can find printable props or use whatever fun dress up stuff you have lying around, or you can buy a photo booth kit like I used (mine is from Walmart).
The kids loved this and I got so many great pictures of them laughing and goofing off. I never use flash on my photos so I find it’s easier to do a photo booth so I can get them to stand somewhat still for a minute and get some non-blurry shots.



The Dessert Table

Pink gold dessert table


This is where most of my efforts went, and I was super happy with the result. The first thing I did was make the hanging lanterns. I’ll be doing a tutorial later this week so show you how you can make these fluttery lanterns for yourself. I won’t lie, this took a really long time. Like each one took well over an hour. They are so beautiful though, my girls loved them so they’re now hanging in their bedroom.


tissue paper lanterns


tissue paper lanterns

For the backdrop I used pink and gold paper fans that I found at Target. These are so awesome because you don’t need tape to attach the two sides together, it’s Velcro! They’re also made of very sturdy paper so they won’t get crushed in my storage box.


I then used a large hole punch to make the dots, the idea was a bit like the fans were clouds and the dots raindrops. I used scrap paper from my banner that I had also used for the hanging Mickey silhouettes. This way all my paper decorations match. I used a scrapbook paper collection which you can find at most craft stores.


pink gold dessert table backdrop


The tassel garland I hung on around the front of the table was very easy to make, just time-consuming. I saw tassel garland for sale at a local craft store for $17! As if. All you need is tissue paper, scissors, string, and patience. I’ll be doing a tutorial later this week on how to make these.


tassle garland


I kept the cake small and just made a six-inch round. I like to serve cupcakes as well and I didn’t want too much leftover cake. I made my chocolate cake with a simple chocolate American buttercream frosting. I just take my favorite buttercream and add about 3-4 tablespoons of cocoa powder. The cake is covered in fondant and an absurd amount of edible gold dust and glitter.


pink gold desserts


If you haven’t made marshmallow pops for your kid’s party definitely add them to your next party. They are dead easy to make and they are gone in no time. I hate having dessert leftovers because I usually end up eating most of them.


The sugar cookies were also a hit. I love sugar cookies they are so easy to make and you can match them to any theme. In the upcoming weeks I’ll be doing an easy sugar cookie tutorial, including my awesome sugar cookie recipe.


Minnie sugar cookies



Have Fun!

Throwing a glamorous pink and gold party doesn’t mean you have to spend hundreds of dollars or spend hours on decorations covering your house from top to bottom. Decide what is important to you and what you want to focus on, then go for it! I usually focus on dessert tables, that’s my thing and I skip out on a lot of other things depending on my time and budget. Party planning doesn’t have to be perfect and cost you a fortune.

If you have any questions or comments about any of the decorations or food I made for my pink gold Minnie party, please feel free to leave a comment below!

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  1. Thank you so much for this post! I think pink and gold go so well together for a birthday party for any age group, and I love how you chose to decorate for your adorable daughter! 🙂 Keep up the good work! I always enjoy your posts and your creative talent is significant!

    Thanks again,

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