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Festive Holiday Tablescape

festive holiday tablepscape

I have never been that into tablescapes. When we host parties our friends usually bring their kids so dinner ends up being a bit of a free-for-all where everyone just grabs a plate, some food, and finds somewhere to sit and snack. But lately so many bloggers I follow have been posting their gorgeous holiday tablescapes so I felt inspired to do my own.


We hosted a some friends for dinner and did a taco bar with homemade spiced churros with warm caramel sauce for dessert. This tablescape probably seems a bit over the top for a taco party, but I’m not hosting Christmas dinner this year so this was my only chance to do it up. I’ll be posting the details of the taco bar next week complete with recipes, it was AMAZING and I can’t wait to share all the delicious details with you! For now, check out how I styled my tablescape, if you’re looking for some holiday inspiration I hope you can find some here!


The Color Scheme

I have had this red chevron paper table runner for years and I’ve only used it once. I love the bright festive look it brings to the table so I started with that. I wanted to stick mainly with red and white adding just a few touches of green. I also added some sparkle with a silver candle and mirror Christmas trees.


Floral Arrangements



I didn’t want to spend a lot on flowers since, well, they die quickly and I wanted to spend our budget on the food and drinks. I bought a small bouquet of red roses and Peruvian lilies. We live on a greenbelt and I sent my husband out to find some holly branches and other greenery to use. I’m by no means a florist, but I think they turned out pretty cute!


I didn’t want my centerpiece to be in the center of the table. There were only four of us and I wanted to be able to visit without anything in the way. I put my main centerpiece off to one side of the table, and another similar but smaller one on the opposite side.



I did two smaller vignettes in the center area of the table. I just wanted something simple so I added some tealights, small bulb ornaments, and a white metal house. Having small children I never light candles anymore but love the warm light they give. I actually had a kid’s table since there was five of them and they weren’t sharing the spicy cilantro laden tacos we were eating anyways. So I thought this was a great time to incorporate some candles into my tablescape since no little hands would accidentally knock them over.




If you’ve never created a tablescape before rest assured they’re not that difficult to pull off. Just start with a simple idea and go from there. If you’re styling a holiday tablescape it can be as simple as filling a glass bowl full of brightly colored ornaments. You can go big and extravagant, or simple and stylist. Just have fun with it!


If you have any questions about styling a tablescape or would like to share your own ideas please do so below!

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