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How To Make Confetti Balloons

How To Make Confetti Balloons

Confetti balloons are an easy and inexpensive way to take your party decorations to the next level. They work great with or without helium, and you can use them to decorate in all sorts of ways. You can buy pre made confetti balloons, but you can just make them yourself and put in whatever confetti you like. In this post I’ll show you how easy it is to make confetti balloons for yourself!



You need clear balloons for this. White won’t do. Even if you blow it up so the latex is thin you still won’t really be able to see it. Believe me I tried, you can’t really see the colors and my kids wondered why there was dirt on the inside of the balloons.

You can find clear balloons at almost any party supply store, and most well stocked dollar stores.


Next you will need confetti. There are a couple different options for this, namely tissue paper confetti and foil confetti. Both work well, it just depends on what decoration style you’re looking to create. Foil is easier to find in craft and party stores, and it sticks to the inside of the balloon much better.


Confetti balloons


However, if you’re wanting to color coordinate your confetti for a party theme, you may find it easier to go with tissue paper. You can buy pre cut tissue paper confetti or make this yourself as well. You wouldn’t think it would be, but tissue paper confetti is actually really expensive for what it is, so I prefer to make my own.


Filling your balloons can be done at home with a tank of helium you can buy at any party store or some big box stores (Target, Walmart). If you’re filling a lot of balloons this is way cheaper than doing at a party store. You can get an 8.9 cubic feet tank or a 14.9 cubic feet tank. The 8.9 fills about 30 latex balloons (give or take, I find they’re closer to 25), and the 14.9 close to 50 balloons.


I’ve only used one of these tanks once before, and I found they deflated a lot sooner than getting them done in the store (probably due to the fact I didn’t blow them up as much, I was nervous about popping them and wasting helium). If you do go this route you may want to blow them up as close to your party time as possible.


If you don’t want to use helium at all, you can definitely still decorate with confetti balloons. I’ll be showing you one option in this post, and I’ll be doing another post with more fun and easy ideas soon.


Tissue or Foil

Foil confetti is generally easier to use than tissue confetti. It’s easier to find, cheaper (if you buy it pre made), and easier to get into the balloon. However, most of the bags of foil confetti are multi-colored so if you’re trying to color coordinate your party you may want to try tissue paper.


All you need to make your own tissue paper confetti is tissue paper and a craft punch. For this I used a 3/4 inch punch. Depending on how much tissue paper confetti you want in your balloon this can be a time-consuming project, especially if you’re filling quite a few balloons.


Tissue Confetti


Don’t try to use the metallic tissue paper with your craft punch. I tried gold once and it took me forever to get all the little bits out. It gets caught really easily in punch. Regular tissue paper is fine though, you just need to be a bit careful. My punch has a pretty narrow opening so I can’t do a whole stack of tissue paper at once, but at least six sheets is fine. It actually makes a cleaner cut if you do a few sheets at once, and you’re saving yourself a bit of time!


Filling the Balloon

To get the foil into the balloon, I just make a cone out of a piece of thin cardboard and fit the narrow end into the balloon. It’s easier if you have someone help you, but with this method you can do it yourself. I use the end of a small paint brush to shove the confetti all the way into the balloon.


Confetti Ballons


Now that your balloon is filled with confetti, it’s time to blow it up. When you’re blowing it up, be absolutely sure not to breathe in at all from the balloon, or you’ll end up with a mouth full of confetti. I’m actually super paranoid about this and usually make my husband blow the balloons up.


Confetti Balloons


Once the balloon is filled and tied, give it a few shakes to get the confetti stuck to the sides. I find the foil sticks way better than the confetti does, so depending on what kind of look you’re going for choose accordingly.



If you aren’t using helium, you can still decorate with these dramatic confetti balloons. The foil confetti sticks quite well so I suggest trying to use them with the tied side down, like it would be with a helium balloon. All I did was tape a thin string to the top of the balloon, and then a ribbon to the bottom to mimic a helium balloon. You could also stick them to a wall behind a dessert table. Hanging foil balloon is also a great choice because the foil makes them heavier so they don’t move as much.


Confetti Balloons


If you’re using tissue confetti and it’s not sticking well to the inside of the balloon, you can hang them upside down. This looks great in an entry way or over a party table.


Tissue Confetti Balloon


So that’s it! Super easy right? Confetti balloons look great and add a dramatic and modern touch to your party decorations. One more tip: unless you like cleaning up bits of confetti I do suggest not letting kids play with these. Once they pop confetti ends up everywhere which is a total pain to clean.


If you have any questions or other tips for making your own confetti balloons I would love to hear them! Please leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you!

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