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How To Make Perfect Marshmallow Pops

make perfect marshmallow pops


By perfect marshmallow pops I mean perfectly easy! Seriously, marshmallow pops are the easiest, cutest, and thus far favorite party treat that I’ve made. These bad boys disappear like hot cakes at any party I’ve served them at. Kids and adults alike just seem to love these little treats. And the best part is they are dead easy to make. Read on to learn just how simple it is to make perfect marshmallow pops for yourself!


Get Ready

Marshmallow pops don’t require a lot of ingredients, all you need are:

  • regular size marshmallows (make sure when you buy these they are fresh. As marshmallows age they tend to get sticky and they are hard to get apart)
  • pop sticks. You can use lollipop sticks which are easily sourced at your local craft or baking supply store, or I like to use paper straws to go with whatever color scheme I’m using. Use whatever sticks work, just make sure they’re food-safe
  • candy melts or chocolate chips (white, milk, or semi-sweet all work well)
  • sprinkles and/or sanding sugars
  • a pan or plate covered in parchment or wax paper


The Steps

The first step is melting your candy melts or chocolate chips. Either choice works well for these. When using chocolate chips you do run the risk of getting a gray film on the chocolate if you skip the tempering process. I wouldn’t worry about this for marshmallow pops, if you’re covering them with sprinkles no one would ever notice, and regardless they’ll get eaten so fast no one would think to look at whether the chocolate has been tempered or not. If you would like more info on tempering chocolate The Food Network has a great post about how to do it.


The easiest way to melt candy melts or chocolate is in your microwave. Alternatively you can use a double boiler setup but a microwave is much quicker. If you don’t have a ‘melt chocolate’ setting simply heat the candy melts or chocolate at half power for about one minute. Stir, and then repeat until smooth. You don’t want to melt at full power or for too long without stirring because candy melts and chocolate can seize. When this happens the chocolate turns into a thick paste. You can try to salvage it by adding a bit of boiling water a little at a time but if you add too much it may not solidify properly on the marshmallow. It’s best to just avoid this altogether so take a slow and patient approach to melting chocolate and candy melts.


While you are melting your candy melts or chocolate chips, you can prepare your marshmallows by putting whatever sticks or straws you are using in. Just push them about halfway in, enough to keep the marshmallows secure but not poking out the top. Depending on how you’re going to display your marshmallow pops you can trim the straws a bit. If you serve them upside down the straws are a bit long for that and may tip, but I like to put them in parfait glasses which make straws the perfect length.


marshmallow pops


Once your candy melts or chocolate chips have melted, dip each marshmallow in and swirl it around to get it evenly covered. Don’t worry about this looking perfect, you can cover as little or as much of the marshmallow as you like. You can gently tap the straw on the side of the bowl to get some of the excess off if necessary. I usually cover about half so you can see it’s a marshmallow, but enough so that you can get good sprinkle coverage.


how to make perfect marshmallow pops


Immediately roll the covered marshmallow into a bowl of sprinkles. You can just dip the tops in or roll it from side to side covering all the melted candy melts or chocolate. Once you have it covered in sprinkles, place the marshmallow pop upside down onto your parchment covered pan. Let it sit until the shell has completely set. Candy melts dry a lot faster than chocolate, so if you’re in a rush use those.


perfect marshmallow pops

perfect marshmallow pops


Display and Enjoy!

Now that your marshmallow pops are set, display them for your guests! I like to put them stick side down into parfait glasses but you can use any nice glass or even a small flower vase to display these.
These will keep for several days at room temp, so marshmallow pops are great to make ahead of time.


make perfect marshmallow pops


I hope you found my tutorial on how to make marshmallow pops helpful. They’re so much easier to make than cake pops and much tastier in my opinion. If you have any questions, comments, or easy party treats that you would like to share please leave a comment below! I would love to hear from you.


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  1. Hi Corrine,

    I’ve never heard of marshmallow pops before. They look delicious. I saved your website to my favorites so my wife and daughters can check it out. We roast marshmallows from time to time so I’m sure the girls are going to love this. I can’t wait to try one of those marshmallow pops.

    Thanks again,


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