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LOL Surprise Party Ideas

lol suprise party ideas

I helped style this awesome LOL Surprise Party for my friend and photographer’s daughter. Krystle from Krystle Images had some awesome ideas for this bright and fun party, and together we made her little girl’s dream party happen! If you have an LOL-obsessed girl you might be hard pressed to find party supplies, they seem few and far between. We came up with some fabulous LOL Surprise party ideas that will help give your some inspiration of your own!


lol surprise party treat table

Color Scheme

If you have LOL Surprise dolls lying around your house you know that anything goes as far as color scheme. Krystle wanted to focus on pink, light purple, and turquoise. These colors are essentially a unicorn color scheme just amped up a bit. We tried to use mostly dolls for decor that went with this color scheme but you don’t have to get too hung up on it. As long as most of your decor goes with your scheme you’re good!


Treat Table

Krystle’s little lady loves her some candy, so it was super easy to match the treat table to the LOL color scheme. Matching candy to your color scheme is totally a thing and most party supply and bulk stores cater to this niche. I love how Krystle styled the candy in the glass containers!



lol suprise party ideas


The cake stand was the inside of a LOL box. If you’re doing any sort of character party and you can’t find themed party supplies or want to use something a little different try and use packaging or other products to add to your theme. Krystle saved these LOL boxes and we put them to good use.


The marshmallow pop setup was made using one of the boxes, the empty balls to fill the box, florist foam, and confetti to cover the foam. Super easy and it made a dazzling display.


lol suprise party ideas


We did a similar setep to the LOL box on the opposite side and put an apothocary full of colorful gumballs on top. A little trick for you: if you don’t want to buy $50 worth of gumballs put a smaller container of some sort in the middle and fill around it. It still looks impressive and you don’t end up with a year’s supply of gumballs after the party.


Krystle made the cake herself, isn’t it fantastic??


lol surprise birthday cake


You don’t need to spend a fortune on a birthday cake for your child’s party. A few simple decorating techniques is all you need. Krystle then added a LOL doll on top that her daughter had been hoping for. I made the little bunting for the stand using craft paper and my Silhouette Cameo.


Krystle also made mini cupcakes and added some cute little LOL cupcake toppers that she made by simply printing out the images and hot gluing them to toothpicks. I made the bows with my Silhouette.


LOL surprise cupcakes

Party Decor


This party was begging for a balloon garland! Balloon garlands are super easy to make, but they take a long time. This one took just over two hours, and that was with Krystle’s husband’s assistance. I stuck with mainly pinks, purples, and a few turquoise balloons as well. I also had a chance to use my new Chrome latex balloons, don’t they look awesome?


LOL surprise balloons


Krystle is an amazing photographer so setting up the treat table in front on a window was no problem. If you’re like me and just use the auto function on your camera you might have a bit of trouble with the lighting in this kind of setup. We put a plastic pink tablecloth over the window to diffuse and soften the light a bit, and then I added some light turquoise tulle over top. The ‘Eloise’ was printed out on my silhouette cameo.


Krystle had some awesome ideas for games. If you’re hosting a party at home having some activities to keep the kids entertained will go a long way to save your sanity. A house full of children hopped up on sugary treats and nothing constructive to do is a recipe for disaster.

Games don’t have to be super elaborate, just try and keep with your theme. Krystle modified the traditional game of ‘pin the tail on the donkey’ to be ‘tape the bow on the doll”. The girls loved it, and what a fun and easy party game! Krystle printed out an image of a doll and some different colored bows.


lol surprise party games​​


The birthday girl wanted a pinata, and short of ordering a custom pinata I have yet to see a LOL Surprise pinata anywhere. Krystle improvised; she used a simple ball pinata and added some LOL printouts to it. Love it! Simple, cheap, and anyone can do it!


lol surprise party games


If you’ve got a little who has her heart set on an LOL Surprise party but you’re having a hard time finding decorations, I hope this post has given you some inspiration! If you have any questions please feel free to comment below!

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  1. My daughter loves LOL dolls. I don’t get the big deal either!? But whateves – it’s a thing. They seem to be hard to find around here. Good for you for getting creative and making up your own theme decor! That’s my favorite.

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