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Minecraft Party Decorations and Ideas

minecraft party decorations

My son is like most 10 year olds, completely obsessed with video games. I am pretty strict with my kid’s screen time, and even more so when it comes to the games I’ll allow them to play. The first game my son played was Minecraft several years ago, and he still loves it. So when he begged me for a Minecraft birthday party I was super excited; I’ve seen lot’s of ideas on Pinterest and wanted to come up with some cool ideas of our own.


I tried to stick within a pretty tight budget for this party. I bought most of the treats from the dollar store, and other than the amazing cake from Nicely Baked I managed to pull this party off for around $100.

Treats and Snacks


This was the fun part! My son loved helping me come up with Minecraft food ideas. Luckily the game is full of items that translate easily to food ideas. There are also plenty of images online that you can use to make your own labels, or you can download one of many free Minecraft printable labels found online.


Here are a few of the ideas we used:


minecraft cookies


I’m generally very protective of my party designs and letting anyone else have any input, but since I’m clearly not well-versed in the details of Minecraft my son was overjoyed to help choose the treats. Minecraft cookies was an easy one, they look like chocolate chip cookies. Check out my recipe for the BEST (I’m not even kidding, you make these and tell me I’m wrong) chocolate chip cookies ever.


I also made creeper sugar cookies which while they tasted great turned out pretty awful. I started them last minute, and then checked out a few tutorials that had you made a grid or stencil so they turned out proportional and straight. No time for that so they were a bit of a mess. The kids could have cared less though and thought they were awesome. Bless their little hearts.


diamonds minecraft


My kids have been bugging me to buy them these awful rock sugar candy sticks for ages. I keep telling them that I’m pretty sure they think they’re a lot better than they actually are. I was right, but they look cool don’t they?


minecraft TNT


Red licorice TNT is a given. I saw a few ideas where the licorice TNT was wrapped up in a bundle, but do you want kids taking six of them at a time? Probably not.


minecraft redstone


I was pretty pleased with this one; the redstone dust is Pixie Sticks. Yes I gave six boys staying overnight in my house tubes of sugar, but at this point it really didn’t matter anymore.


minecraft wood


Do you love these little caramels as much as I do? This was a totally self-serving treat, I can’t get enough of these and was more than happy to incorporate them into the party.


minecraft polar bears


So they’re not white, you need to take some artistic liberties when it comes to styling and branding parties, right?


minecraft slime


The ‘slime’ was hands down the hit of the party. These were gone within a few minutes. All you need to do is follow the Jello Jiggler instructions on the box of lime Jello and rather than using a 9X13 pan I used an 8X8 pan to make them a bit thicker.


minecraft sticks


I was going to do the standard pretzel sticks for this one, but then I came upon Hickory Sticks which I haven’t had in ages and remember loving as a kid. They’re still just as good!


minecraft emeralds


Emeralds were another easy one; lime jelly beans are the best flavor in my opinion.


minecraft potion of healing


Red fruit punch served well for the potion of healing. I watered it down quite a bit in a vain attempt to reduce the amount of sugar these kids were consuming.


In addition to the MInecraft branded treats I also served up cupcakes, popcorn, chips, Munchies mix, and birthday cake of course.


Nicely Baked made this amazing chocolate cake, it was so delicious and the kids were dazzled, as was I! Just look at that detail!


minecraft cake




The last few parties I threw ended up being quite expensive, so I wanted to do this one of a tight budget.


All the decorations I made myself, and they’re just card stock. Super easy and inexpensive. I bought one of the value packs of green card stock from Michael’s. They come in varying shades of green which is perfect for this party. I cut the backdrop pieces into 8X8 inch pieces using a paper slicer (you could just use scissors but it will take you much longer). I then stuck them to the wall using double-sided Scotch tape.


Minecraft backdrop


I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut out Liam’s name. I found a free online Minecraft font which worked perfectly. If you don’t have a Silhouette or Cricut you could just install the font, print your name out in a word processing program like Word, and cut it out with scissors.


The balloons took the most amount of work, I would have liked to use varying shades of green here also but the lime green is all I could find at Party City or local dollar stores. If you have your heart set on a darker or lighter green check a balloon supply company; most sell them individually.


The popcorn boxes were from Party City, they come in a rainbow of colors so you can easily coordinate with whatever your party theme. They’re also fairly cheap so they are a great way to keep your theme without spending a lot.


The TNT and Creeper boxes were also easy to make. Just find some relatively square boxes, cut your squares to 1X1 inches, and plan out your design. For the TNT I just covered the box in red paper and used the Minecraft font to print out the TNT. Super simple and effective.


minecraft party decorations


When styling a treat table I generally try to stick with white or glass serving pieces unless I happen to have the exact color for my theme which is rare. Rather than buying loads of pieces for each theme, stick with basic neutrals that will work with any theme. If you follow my blog you’ll probably see them same serverware and display pieces being used over and over. Check dollar stores and discount box stores like Home Goods and Home Sense; they have a huge selection and great prices.


I hope you’ve found some Minecraft inspiration for your own party, please let me know if you have any questions or comments!




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