Modern Floral DIY Valentine’s Wreath

DIY Valentine's Wreath

Now that the craziness of Christmas and New Year’s is over, I’m already looking forward to Valentine’s Day! It’s still over a month away, but I love adding pops of color to my home, and my kids get so excited when they come home from school to more decorations I’ve made. This modern DIY Valentine’s wreath that I crafted is so easy to make, the entire project can be done in well under half and hour.

You can hang this gorgeous wreath anywhere in your home. My door is a weird color so I won’t put it outside, but it’s understated style will add a nice touch of color to any wall in your home. You can use whatever artificial or dried flowers that you like. I choose my flowers from Michaels and their selection is huge.




This simple modern floral wreath doesn’t require a lot of supplies, and you can choose whatever color scheme you want. All you need is:

  • artificial flowers from your local craft store or dollar store. I bought mine from Michaels, and they’re pretty expensive there so I choose stems with two flowers plus leaves.
  • a wooden hoop of some type (I used an embroidery hoop)
  • wooden words or letters
  • paint (optional)
  • glue gun and glue sticks
  • wire cutter if your flowers have long stems

Getting Started


The first step is remove your flowers and leaves from any stems. You will probably need a wire cutter for this, but if the stem is quite thin you might get away with just using scissors. Cut as much of the stem off as possible, although double check if your flower’s petals and layers are all attached. Some are held together by the top of the stem and if you cut that off they’ll all fall apart. You can just glue them back together but it just adds another step.




Once you have all your flowers and leaves separated, organize your layout on your hoop. If you are using an embroidery hoop there will be a metal piece that you want to make sure you cover with your flowers. Don’t worry if you don’t use all your flowers and leaves, just go with whatever layout looks good to you. I really like the look of having just a small section of the hoop covered in flowers, but if you want to cover the entire hoop go for it! This is your project.


Now that you’ve got your layout, start gluing! If you’re overlapping make sure to glue the pieces on appropriately. Don’t worry if something doesn’t end up looking right to you, you can always insert more flowers or leaves later. Don’t be shy with your glue during this project. You will want to use quite a bit to ensure that all your parts stick well to the wooden hoop.



Hold each piece on for several seconds to make sure it sticks where you want and doesn’t move. Periodically hold your wreath up so you can see if any pieces start to fall forward and need extra glue.



Once all your flowers are attached, decide where you want your letters (if you’re using any) to be. I found my ‘love’ word at Michaels in their wood crafting section, but you can probably find these at most dollar stores as well. I had originally planned on painting ‘love’ pink or gold, but I decided I liked the grain and left it alone. You can choose whatever words you want (I thought ‘home’ or ‘family’ would be nice too) or none at all.


Once your wreath is done you can set it on a nail to hang it, or tie a ribbon or string around the top and make a loop at the top to hang.

I hope you enjoyed my modern floral wreath tutorial and found some inspiration to make your own. You can choose whatever colors you like, artificial flowers are always in season!

If you have any questions about this DIY project or would like to share your own, please leave me a comment below!

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4 thoughts on “Modern Floral DIY Valentine’s Wreath

  1. This is amazing! My daughters will love this DIY wreath. I’m sure I will be heading to Michael’s later today to pick up some of these items. You can be sure I will bookmark your website for future reference when it comes to decorations and that homemade caramel sauce recipe sounds delicious. Would you recommend using more than one word on the wreath?

    1. Hi, thanks for your comment! I would probably stick to one word just to keep it simple, but do whatever speaks to you! If you do use two words and find it looks cluttered it is pretty easy to peel off the glue if you use a glue gun. Hope this helps!


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