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New Years Eve Balloon Popping Family Fun

New Years Balloon Popping Fun

Can you believe the year is almost over? We love New Years Eve and I try to make it a special night for our kids. A few years ago I started a new tradition where we fill balloons with fun activities for the family. Each balloon has a time written on the outside and when that time comes the kids get to pop the balloon and do the activity inside.

We end the balloon popping fun at ‘midnight’ which can be at whatever time you choose since obviously you don’t want little ones staying up too late. My kids talk about our New Years Eve fun all year round, they love doing all the special activities they remember from last year and I always try and throw a few new ones in as well.


The Activities

You can put whatever fun activities in the balloons that you like. My kids have come to expect some of them, such as a sundae bar with all the fixings and a scavenger hunt.



Here are a few ideas that we’ve used, but add whatever special things you think you and your family would like to do! Even something as simple as walk through the neighborhood to look at Christmas lights can be exciting.

  • Make sundaes (sundae bar with caramel sauce, chocolate sauce, sprinkles, and whipped cream)
  • Hot chocolate bar (hot chocolate, whipped cream, sprinkles)
  • Family board games
  • Family charades
  • Dance party
  • Afternoon movie
  • Make party hats (we bought plain party hats and added stickers, tinsel garland, and feathers)
  • Make noise makers (this is as simple as putting dried beans into a container, wrapping it up in wrapping paper and adding stickers to the outside)
  • Flashlight Christmas light walk
  • Photo booth (you can buy fun New Years Eve Props or just use whatever you’ve got!)
  • Cupcake decorating
  • Fondue dinner
  • Special snacks (if there is a special holiday snack you only make around this time that your family loves)
  • Scavenger hunt
  • Sparkler pictures

The Balloons

You can use whatever color balloons you like. I usually stick with gold and silver, but this year I’ll put some bright pink balloons in the mix. Before you blow up the balloon fold up the paper with the activity written on it and push it into the balloon. Once you’ve blown it up write the time you want the kids to pop the balloon on the outside in dark marker.

I usually have a key where I’ve written down what activity I’ve planned for what time so I can stay one step ahead and have everything ready.

Most years I just hang each single balloon from the ceiling. This year I’ll do a garland, but you can display the balloons however you like! Ask your kids for their ideas, they love getting in on the planning.



I wanted to do something special each year at midnight, so we do a yearly sparkler picture. You need four reliable people to do this. The older the kids the better since they will be holding a sparkler and drawing a number in the air with it. When our kids were younger they freaked out about this a bit so if you have adults to do this it’s much safer.



There are lots of tutorials on how to do this online, just search up ‘sparkler picture’ with your camera type and you’ll find detailed instructions on how to do this. Unless you know a lot about aperture settings and such you’ll want to find a tutorial.

Happy New Year!

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