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Outer Space Birthday Party Ideas That Are Out of This World

There are so many possibilities for an out of this world outer space birthday party. Any star gazing child would love to have an intergalactic party. Outer space parties are great for any child: boy, girl, any age. Below we’ve got some great outer space birthday party ideas to help inspire you to throw an out of this world celebration.

Intergalactic Invitation

The simplest way to invite guests to your party is an online invitation. Kids love to hand out their own invitations though, and you can really get guests excited for your party with the right invitation. If you do choose to go the online route, still consider your theme and if possible color scheme.

If you are planning paper invitations chose a color scheme first. I did my son’s outer space party in blue and yellow, but you can choose any color scheme you like. Use the colors you choose on your invitations to make everything consistent.
If you enjoy paper crafting you may want to make your own invitations. Get some card stock in your party’s colors and some outer space embellishments. Stickers or stamps are a great way to add some creativity to your invitations.

You can also choose to order your invitations online. These will come as either ready to address to your guests or as a printable file which you must then either print yourself or take to a local print shop. These are completely customized to your party and you can often choose the entire color theme as well. This is a great choice if you’re not into making your own, and the printable invitations are quite cost effective.

Dark Matter Decorations

This is the fun part. Decorating for your party should start by considering your color scheme. If you are using all the planets in your party decorating, it might be hard to chose a couple of primary colors to use. If you’re doing this, black, white or dark blue is a good choice for table cloths, napkins, and plates. Otherwise, stick to your color theme, using at least two different colors.

A great idea if you’re focusing on the planets is paper lanterns. Choose different sizes and colors and hang them from varying heights. Hang cut out stars throughout and maybe a few rocket ships and voila, you’ve got a fabulous party space. If you can’t find the paper lanterns you’re looking for you can always use balloons.

Planetary Party Games and Activities

Party games don’t need to be themed but older kids especially love when the theme keeps on going. Rather than come up with brand new games, I try to give classic party games a little spin to go along with my theme. Here are a few ideas:

  • Musical planets. Simple musical chairs, just tape a picture of a planet on each chair. If you run out of planets add anything else space related such as galaxies, asteroids, stars, black holes, etc.
  • Pin (tape) the astronaut on the moon. I prefer not to use pins to prevent party-goer tears, so double-sided sticky tape works just as well. Keep the tape close at hand since it does tend to lose its stickiness quickly.
  • The quintessential pinata. Moon, stars, rocket ship, and planets are just a few choices for an outer space pinata. I know many people frown at the idea of a candy stuffed pinata when the kids are already consuming copious amounts of sugar at the party, but you can always add lots of non-edibles such as stickers, erasers, or figurines. We don’t have one at every birthday party I throw for my kids, but they are beyond thrilled when we do.
  • Rocket ship craft. I like to have an activity for kids to do as soon as they arrive, this keeps them occupied and out of trouble until everyone is ready for the party to start. For your rocket ship craft all you need are empty toilet paper rolls, tin foil, rocket tops (make these ahead by making a cone and securing with a hot glue gun), stickers, and markers. I suggest gluing the rocket tops onto the toilet paper roll ahead of time. It is also best to avoid any paint or embellishments that require the child to glue them on. Not only is it super messy, but they may want to play with the rocket right away or the paint/glue may not be dry when it’s time to go home. Nothing like handing a parent picking up a hyper child and handing them a sticky craft project. Also avoid glitter.

These are just a few suggestions, any party game can be modified with an outer space theme in mind.

Extraterrestrial Edibles

You can have so much fun setting up a dessert/snack table for an outer space party. I had a hard time packing all the goodies I wanted to serve on mine. If your party is for older children giving some of the party food catchy names that go with the theme is a great idea. I served moon pies, Jupiter jello, sun chips, and rocket cookie pops.

The cake and/or cupcakes should also go along with your theme. When designing your dessert table start with the cake as the centerpiece. I usually position it at the back of the table to keep little fingers away until it’s time to sing Happy Birthday. A pretty glass drink dispenser is another great addition to your table. Choose a drink whose color matches your theme, then add some clear milk bottles or paper cups and paper straws.

A backdrop or banner is a spectacular addition to the dessert table. If you’re not using a banner a black or dark blue backdrop with planets and stars makes for a charming visual. A rocket ship or star garland to go around the front of the table is another nice touch. Let your creativity run wild when doing this type of party.


To the Universe and Beyond

The sky’s the limit and then some when it comes to styling a delightfully fun outer space birthday party. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with all there is to do, just break it down and work on one task at a time. I usually choose a theme and start shopping for supplies about one to two months before the party date. This gives enough time to get everything done without feeling rushed. I hope I’ve given you some inspiration to get you on your way. Should you have any questions or comments please feel free to say hi below!

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  1. I love this blog! You have some terrific ideas and suggestions for a great birthday party. What I love about this is it can be for a boy OR a girl. You could even have the kids dress up as spacemen or aliens taking a group picture to include in thank you notes.

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