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Pretty and Pink Birthday Party Ideas

If you’re new to party planning and are interested in throwing a stylish party for your little one, a pretty and pink birthday party is an easy choice. When planning a pink birthday, all you need is, well, pink! It’s super easy to find party supplies and everything matches. Easy peasy. In this article you’ll find plenty of fabulous pretty and pink birthday party ideas so let’s get started!

Inviting Invitations

These days many people send out online invitations, but there is something to be said about receiving an actual paper invitation. Luckily there are many choices for a pink party. One option is a customized printable invitation. These are completely tailor made to your birthday party details, and once complete you receive a printable file. These can be printed at home, or sent to any local printer or photo center and your beautiful invitations are done and done.
Another choice is ordering them pre printed. These are also usually customizable, but quite a bit more expensive. Alternatively you could make your own invitations. While time-consuming, if you enjoy paper crafting these are really fun to do and quite satisfying. I don’t make my own invitations very often but I must admit I love the reaction when they’re handed out.

If you don’t know where to start with making your own invitations, I suggest finding a beautiful piece of pink paper and go from there. It’s as simple as printing out your party details on card stock and backing it on some beautiful gilded paper. Add some other embellishments if you like such as faux flowers or bows and that’s it! A stunning hand made card ready to give to your guests.

Darling Decorations

A pretty and pink party is ridiculously easy to pull off. You can find every party supply imaginable in pink. You may want to start off thinking about what shade or shades of pink you want to focus on. Adding white or beige can also help to soften up the overall effect.
And just because your theme is pink, that doesn’t mean you can’t make use of all the amazing patterned supplies out there. When I’m doing a party I usually like to get a pack of coordinating paper, you can find them in loads of different color schemes and themes. All the paper matches in the pack, and you usually get about ten to twenty different designs, several sheets of each. This is great if you’re planning on making your own banner or other paper crafts.

Balloons are a great way to start off your decoration, and who doesn’t love balloons? I like to choose at least two different colors (or different shades of the same color) and place them around your party space. This helps to define the space and adds loads of color without a lot of effort. You can do this with helium filled balloons or simply stick them to the wall (although this method can lead to much frustration).
If you want to really add some depth to your party space, paper lanterns are one of my favorite decorations. You can find them in any color, any size. Hang some from varying heights and it really adds to your decor. You can save them for future parties as well.

Delicious Dessert Table

Ah, my favorite part. Dessert tables have become very trendy, but many people don’t know where to start. I usually begin with a rough sketch of the table with the cake or cupcakes as the centerpiece and add as I come up with new ideas. Smaller coordinating treats should go on either side of the centerpiece to balance it out. There is really no right or wrong way to style a dessert table, I mean it’s dessert! What’s not to love.

Also, by no means do you only need to include sweets on your dessert table. All manners of edibles are welcome. I do try to stick with my color theme. For a pink birthday party you could choose neutral or pink foods. White chocolate covered strawberries, meringues, cookies, candies, anything pink goes.

I treat my dessert table as my showcase, it is probably what I spend most of my party planning and setup on. I like to add a few props that aren’t food related as well, but still fit with my color theme. A vase of pink and white flowers is a great addition to any table. This is also a great way to fill up space if you’ve run out of food ideas.

Behind the table is a great place for a banner. Banners can be really whatever you want. A simple bunting banner with coordinating pink colors is an easy to do and looks great. This is really where the paper packs I mentioned earlier really shine. You can also make a ‘Happy birthday’ banner or the birthday kid’s name. Banners can be any shape or size, just stick with your pink color theme and you’re golden.

Dress up your dessert table to the nines, it makes for a dazzling display and guests love to come check out what delectable treats you have for them.

Perfect Party Favors and Amazing Accessories

Party favors for your pretty and pink party can be as simple as throwing a few little goodies in a pink gift bag. Tie on a pink ribbon and you’re done. However, many people are now forgoing the goodie bag for gift cards of small amounts (usually around $5) for their guests. This helps with the inevitable waste from dollar store trinkets that parents are happy to pitch in the trash as soon as their little party animal isn’t looking. You can find pink card holders for this purpose, or simply place it in a pink envelope with a thank you card.

Even though guests are already hopped up on sugar, sending them home with a little treat is typically more appreciated than a bag of plastic toys. Decorated sugar cookies are a nice idea, or perhaps a pretty little bag of pink candies. I know I for one am happy to pillage my children’s goodie bag candies when they come home from a party and aren’t looking.

For younger kid’s parties I like to have some sort of accessory when they arrive. Kids typically love to dress up and get into the festivities. For a pink birthday party some adorable party hats will fit the bill. If you can’t find any you are pleased with, simply get out your glue gun and use that paper pack I keep talking about. Cut to fit, and glue the paper over top of some dollar store hats. Kids hate the elastic? Take it off and replace with some pink satin ribbon.

Pink Forever

I hope you were able to find some inspiration for your pretty and pink birthday party. Whatever direction your party planning takes you, enjoy it and have fun. It doesn’t need to be perfect, it just needs to be you.

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