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Robot Party Decorations and Ideas for Your Little Humanoid

Robot Party Decorations

I threw a robot party for my son a few years ago, and let me tell you there was almost nothing in the way of robot party decorations to be found. Other than the basic party plates I pretty much made all the accessories and decorations myself. There are plenty more options for this awesome party idea now, but you can always incorporate some personal touches to make your party extra special.



My son’s robot party was the first party I did outside of our home. We rented a little party room next to a cute park near our old hood in California. I still wanted to bring our robot theme into the party space, but time was limited so I didn’t want to go all out with decorations. The colors I chose were blue and silver, so I bought a bunch of helium balloons in those colors to spread around the room.


I also painstakingly made a banner by hand. I actually used dinner plates to trace out the circles and cut the letters out by hand. I’m not even kidding when I say it took me days to make this. Luckily there are way better options now in terms of birthday banners.


If you have a Silhouette or Cricut die-cut machine you can whip one of these banners out in no time. I have a Silhouette Cameo and it’s so easy to use and makes paper-crafting a dream. You an even make 3-D shapes which are dazzling. I tell everyone I cut them out by hand, hah.


If you don’t have a die-cut machine, making a banner is still super simple. You can buy banner punch boards, which are so awesome I can’t believe I used a dinner plate once. To be fair, they don’t do circles, but the shapes include pennants, flags, and crests. I do banners for literally all occasions so these banner punch boards are a serious time saver. You can also buy a letter/number punch board which is a handy little contraption that makes crafting a piece of cake.


Robot Party Treats

Robot party food is the best. I loved coming up with themed names for party food, and the robot party totally lends itself well to this. I try to stick with my color theme when it comes to foods, but definitely don’t commit to only using your theme colors.


Here are some of the ideas I used:

Robot Fuel Cells: Blue Jello in these cute little jars I found at World Market. I bought some cute little wooden spoons, added a food safe star stamp, and tied the spoon with bakers twine. I also did ‘computer chips’ (any chips you want to serve) and nuts and bolts (you can make this from scratch or just a snack mix from the grocery store).


Robot Party Food


I made these robot sugar cookies using my ‘famous’ sugar cookie recipe. Decorated sugar cookies are really impressive and surprisingly easy to do, you just need some time to let each layer dry before adding more on top. I’ll be doing an easy sugar cookie decorating tutorial in the upcoming weeks.


Robot Party Food


Assorted parts fruit skewers. You could do assorted parts for just about any variety of foods.

Robot Party Food

The Party Table

I went a little overboard with this party added a lot of little embellishments that the kids probably didn’t even notice, but I really enjoy doing this.


I made cute little party hats with coordinating scrapbook paper and a little pom pom on top. These are easy to make, just buy some cheap party hats from the dollar store and cover with paper of your choice. I use a hot glue gun to seal the paper on to ensure it sticks. I then glued some streamers around the bottom and cut a little fringe.

Robot Party Decorations


I even made water bottle labels and little napkin holders for each place setting. I mentioned I went overboard right?


Games and Fun

The kids had such a great time with the party games we played. We bought a grabber hand and let the kids use it to pull out a prize. The kids were all around four years old so this was a bit of challenge for them but not too much so.


We almost always do a variation of pin the tail on the donkey (I wonder where that game originally came from anyways). For our robot party we did pin the part on the robot. If our party is small I give a little prize to all the kids, especially if they’re younger, no need for unnecessary tears.


We also had a robot pinata. I love pinatas so much, I still remember my first pinata in preschool and the magical moment when it started raining candy. I do try to stick a few non-candy items in like stickers and rings in. Don’t forget to have little bags for the kids to stash their loot in.


By far my favorite part was our robot party prop. My awesome husband made this super cute robot costume for the kids to wear for their party photo. I think he did a darn good job! Sometimes I find it hard to get kids to stand still and let me take a picture, so photo booth type props make it more fun for them.


Now It’s Easier

My days of tracing dinner plates are gone, and while I love to do my own crafting for parties, you can buy a lot of products online. If you’re short on time buying your robot party supplies online is so much easier than doing it yourself, or you can do a combination of both to personalize your party.


If you plan on making more banners in the future, I would highly recommend getting one of the punch boards I mentioned, it will make your life so much easier. For paper, I like to buy coordinated packs of scrapbook paper for banners. They come in both plain and patterns, and you can find a wide variety of color schemes.


I hope you found some robot party inspiration in my post, if you have any questions or comments please leave them below and I am happy to help!

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  1. Hi Corinne, what a cute article! I can relate well to what you say about making a party fun for the kids. I’ve 2 kids. They’re now young adults.

    Love the robot costume! I remember when my daughter was 4 or 5, I made her a toy house out of a huge cardboard box. I decorated it. Pasted colourful characters on the house. She loved it! She spent many hours in her play house. Didn’t cost me a single cent!

    Fun post with many practical ideas! Good one!


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