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Spring Tablescape

spring tablescape ideas

I am so excited to be part of the Bunny Hop blog hop, this week’s feature is Spring decor for your home and table! A link to all the other fabulous blogs is at the bottom on my post, so don’t forget to scroll on down to the links below and pay these fabulous blogs a visit.


Even though spring hasn’t officially started, winter is dead to me and I’ve pulled out my flip-flops. Easter is almost here and I can’t wait for my littles to enjoy their Easter egg hunt and we can all enjoy a lovely meal together. A lot of people get really stressed out about hosting a holiday meal, myself included! It can be a lot of pressure to make everything just right. I’m pretty non-traditional when it comes to my holiday meal planning and decorating, and today I would like to share with you a simple spring tablescape that you can use for any spring time celebration.


Tablescapes are really fun to set up and can be as simple or elaborate as you like. Whether you’re serving an elegant five-course meal, or an afternoon coffee and dessert treat time, a tablescape can be so much fun for your guests, no matter what their age!


spring tablescape


Spring is a time when I feel like there is finally some color outside. I chose green, pink, and yellow for my tablescape, but you can go with whatever colors you like. If you already have some serving pieces or linens that you would like to use, base your color scheme off that. I wanted to use my bright green table runner so I started with that. I love green and pink together and threw in a few pops of yellow. Done!


If you’re serving a fancy meal and want to go with a more formal and traditional table setting, by all means! If you’re unsure where your butter knife and soup spoon go (really, who does) then head on over to the entertaining queen Martha’s website for the deets.




You don’t need to spend a fortune on floral arrangements for your table. Choose seasonal flowers or flowers that have large blooms to get more bang for your buck. I love these chrysanthemums, they come in a variety of colors and the blooms are huge. Hydrangeas are another lovely choice if you only want to purchase a few stems. If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere that already has local flowers blooming just head out to your yard and create your own bouquet.



You can use any types of vases for tablescape floral arrangements, but I like to stick with smaller vases so the flowers don’t block out the view of the person across the table. If you do have a large arrangement you would like to use consider offsetting it and keeping it to the side so guests don’t have to look around it.


I purchased my small glass vases at my local dollar store. They’re simple and I’ll use them for years. I almost always head to the dollar store when looking for decor and supplies, they usually have a great selection and it’s a great way to find serving and display items without breaking the bank.


I wanted to add a little more green to my table, so made these adorable little succulent planters using some confetti egg cups to use as a place setting. Super cute right? I love succulents and I was able to make all four planters using one tiny plant from a local plant shop.


succulent Easter egg planter



I’m not much of one for a traditional centerpiece per se, I like offsetting and creating vignettes instead, but you do you. I love all the beautiful Easter eggs that you can find at craft and dollar stores so I picked these lovely pale green eggs with gold flecks for my ‘centerpiece’. I’ve had this little pink Easter crate for years, you don’t need to purchase everything new for your tablescape, just use what you’ve got and maybe add a few little extras to keep things fresh.


Easter tablescape


I added some pink tissue paper confetti to the table runner for a little extra pop of color and fun, I mean who doesn’t love confetti right? Well, probably whoever is cleaning it up. If you do want to add some you can buy it from a local craft store, or simply make your own. All you need is a circular craft punch and tissue paper is whatever color you choose.


spring cupcakes


If you’re creating an Easter table, don’t forget your bunnies! I bought my cute little guys from the dollar store as well. If you have ceramic bunnies that you don’t like the look of, consider spray painting them white for a modern look. I actually had intended to do so with my bunnies until my daughter caught wind of it and was horrified I was going to spray the poor bunny’s eyes. Le sigh.


easy spring tablescape


Thanks so much for reading my spring tablescape post! I hope you enjoyed it and were able to find some inspiration for your own spring time decorating.


Easter tablescape



Spring tablescape Ideas


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22 thoughts on “Spring Tablescape

  1. This is so fun. I like how you create vignettes instead of a traditional centerpiece! And I had to laugh about the bunny cause my daughter did the same thing to me! I still have it and still want to get some chalk paint on it someday! The tulip cookies are so cute and I LOVE the little succulent egg cups. Such a darling idea.

  2. Your colors are so bright and cheerful – and they all work together beautifully! I love those miniature succulents in the egg cups – very creative. I definitely need to get to the dollar store for some bunnies; I love how it’s peeking up to plate!

  3. Those confetti egg cups are super cute! I love the ombre napkins the most! All of your colors and decor combinations create a fun festive table! I love it. The conversations are more fun when the decor is too!

  4. I love when someone shows a table anyone can afford and it reminds me how amazing the dollar store is. This is so cute and my favorite colors green and pink. You’re right about stressing out, so it helps to have a great table to take the focus off of what you make. The confetti, cupcakes and cookies really showcase the holiday and the variation of heights, the spread with your table runner and the colorful egg basket make this table a happy and healthy dose of Spring. Love that you were inspired to break out the flip flops!

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