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Valentine’s Day Card Making Party

Valentine's Day Card Making Party

Woot! It’s officially February, and time for all things Valentine’s! Yes, I know not everyone is into this Hallmark holiday, but I’ve got kids and love any excuse to bake and throw a party. I decided to plan a little Valentine’s Day card making party for my kids to get their craft on. You don’t need many supplies, and if your kids are into crafting this is a fun way to spend a cold February afternoon.

The Supplies



So what you include here should largely depend on your guest’s ages. If you are hosting preschoolers, glue or paint may not be the most practical choices for at supplies. Also, keep in mind that if you’re letting the kids make as many cards as they want their parents probably won’t appreciate trying to take home a stack of sticky cards.


My oldest daughter and her friends are in grade 2 and would have loved some more involved crafting, but my preschooler is into everything so I thought I would keep it simple and supply stickers, markers, and crayons. There are so many different types of heart and Valentine’s stickers the kids will find endless designs for their cards. My son who is not into Valentine’s Day at all even made some “love sucks” cards with some ripped hearts. Sigh.



For the cards, I had a set of blank cards lying around that I had bought from Michaels last year. If you don’t want to buy blank cards you can just use card stock in a variety of colors and fold them in half.


It was probably unnecessary since we didn’t use glue or paint at our party, but I covered our table in wrapping paper to keep the mess to a minimum. I let the kids decorate 2-3 cards each; they made them for teachers and parents and were ready to move onto dessert after they were done.


The Desserts


What’s a party without dessert? Once the kids were done crafting I cleaned up the art supplies and set the table for some treats. I used these adorable plates, napkins, and cups from Meri Meri, along with some doilies and cut out hearts.


For the treat table I used a simple faux flower garland in the shape of a heart for the backdrop. Some fresh flowers are all you need to fill in some extra space if you don’t want to make an absurd amount of sweets.



I made some vanilla cupcakes with vanilla frosting and sprinkles of course, topped with some cute little glitter heart cupcake toppers I made. I bought the cream tiered tray from Ikea last week, super cute right? I love the little tulip cutouts, and I find it’s a great way to display cupcakes or other small treats. When you’re creating a dessert table using varying heights is a great way to set up an interesting display.



I also made some meringues, which are super easy, look fancy, and taste AMAZING. I’ll be posting the recipe with some other fun Valentine’s Day treats next week.



I also made some macarons, and glory be, most of them worked! Upon the recommendation of a fellow blogger I tried the Italian method (which I had never heard of) and it was way less finicky than the French method. Hurrah! I’ll be posting the details of these gorgeous treats in an upcoming post next week.



The kids had a great time and made some adorable cards for their teachers. I hope you enjoyed my Valentine’s Day Card Party post, if you have any questions or comments please leave them below!


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2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Card Making Party

  1. Enjoyed this post very much, helpful and fun. What more can we ask? Will look forward to recipes next week. Aren’t you the brave lady making meringues?
    Sounds like your kidlets had great time making cards for everybody they could. good lesson in that also, make instead of buy.
    When our kids (4) were little/young they would make cards & ornaments, would always let their little sister help so she got good lessons from them all. The next to youngest is 6 yrs. older than her. Our 3 older kids taught her #’s & letters. They played school with her quite often so she got a good head start. She was never just our baby from very beginning which was so heartening.
    Happy daze

    1. Thanks for your comment! I agree, it’s so nice to have older kids when there is a younger one, they take such good care of the little one and I think it teaches them patience and compassion.


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